Set up kitchen garden using growbags .

Growbags are convenient way to set up a kitchen garden, in fast paces life when we are ordering foods from delivering apps thinking of growing own vegetables looks distance dream, but with little patience one can set up kitchen garden on rooftop or balconies.

Picture of vegetables growing in growbag

Ingridient requies to set up a kitchen garden :

Growbags – Made up of Geo fabric or HDPE they are strong & light, can last up to 5 years.

Seeds – Buy certified seeds which has high germination rate.

Potting Mix – Soilless potting mix can be prepared by using 1/3 Coco-peat, 1/3 Vermi-Compost mixture, and 1/3 vermiculite. This mix retains moisture and is very important for gardening with grow bags. You can also use Neem Khali as organic pesticide & Perlite to improve drainage and improve root growth.

Important: Don’t over water your plants also plants need sunshine but prevent them scorching heat of summer by using nets & put them in sunshine for longer period of time in winters.

Take little steps and see your plants growing ……

Thegrowbag Team